Friday, November 15, 2019

Design Brief #2: Blanket Tutorial

Following the previous posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, I created this multi-purpose blanket as a base to test out different sensory attachments and find out the effectiveness of each. Only after I tested it did I realise that the snap buttons are too weak to hold, the fibrefill can be lesser for the weighted packets and the lavender scent is too strong so I need to use another fabric for the sachet.

Since Richard suggested a pulsing blanket, I decided that whether if its building analog or digital components, I need to have a base blanket to test them out.

Although the objective of this blanket is for testing, I documented it as a DIY tutorial and people can learn how to create it if they want to.

DIY challenge level: 8/10 
I strongly encourage beginners to work on more sewing projects before tackling this. 

This blanket is useful to attach fidget play components which helps to minimise screen usage before bed by keeping hands busy.

Few ways to use the blanket:
Use the pockets to put in aroma sachets, weighted packets and there is a feet warmer pocket too.
Use the columns as bolsters or tuck out your legs when it gets a little warm a night.
Customise this blanket accordingly to your preferences to get the quality sleep we all need in this fast paced world.

It can be used as a regular blanket and can be washed too.

Download the pattern [click]
PDF size is A2, pattern is 1/4 scale.
Pattern is for single size blanket, it includes 1cm seam allowances all around unless otherwise stated.

Opening and closing footages by Jessalynne W
Music: Dreams by Bensound

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