Monday, November 11, 2019

Design Brief #2: Blanket Attachments Part 3

I'm working on the aromatherapy add-on. I got this lavender sachet however it is too bulky to put in the blanket pocket or pillow so I decided to customise it.

 I start with measuring the size of sachet that can fit the pocket and cut on tricot fabric (thin, breathable fabric)
 I used the french seam method and leave a small hole at one corner to fill the lavender bits
I seal up the small hole using the ladder stitch method
I run stitches on the sachet to prevent the lavender bits from moving about. The lavender sachet is ready for testing. I realise that the aroma may be too strong and another thicker fabric instead of tricot can be used, I don't suggest reducing the amount of lavender bits as when the scent runs out, we have to sew another sachet so can try using a thicker fabric so the scent will be slow release, it can last for a longer period of time as well. 

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