Saturday, November 16, 2019

Design Brief #2: Sleep System Testing

This video shows how the sleep inducing experiments work,

1. Sleepy music beacon
2. Pulsing light
3. Multi purpose blanket

These prototypes are the foundation for further exploration, they will also be developed through user testing and feedback. I've tested all three on myself and Jes.

 Here are the initial findings:
- Sleepy app is useful, it plays automatically and i don’t have to use my phone, it will turn off after 10 minutes

- Pulsing light is effective and I don’t have to look at a screen, I could close my eyes while synchronising my breathing to the light.

- Blanket needs to improve, the snaps are not strong enough, either i change them to buttons or simply just sew these points, I can also choose to add a sheer tricot or mesh fabric over - options I can offer in my tutorials.

These are some things to consider as I refine and fine-tune the prototypes. I will have to test them with more people.
This is the sketch for me to conceptualise the video.

Video footages by Jessalynne Woo
Music: Upbeat Acoustic by AShamaluevMusic
Music used in Bluetooth app: Sleep Music - Relaxing Rain sounds with Piano music

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