Friday, November 15, 2019

Design Brief #2: Sleepy Music Bluetooth Beacon Part 2

Following this post, we've developed the Sleepy music beacon app to have more specifications.

1. User set bedtime as 10pm for weekdays. Place beacon in bedroom.

2. User enters bedroom at 11pm, phone app is detected and plays sleepy music automatically.

3. Music continues to play in the background as the user does his regular pre-bedtime routine - brush teeth and wait for aircon to cool the room

4. If user does not want to sleep or only entered the room to take something after 10pm, he can snooze the music to play later - options: 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, turn off for today.

5. Music continues to play even if user leave the bedroom with the phone.

6. User can set play duration for music so it will taper off after 30 minutes / after user falls asleep.

7. Testing: A snooze button that only works after 10 minutes of music

Future actions:
Music selection
Bedtime selection for weekdays / weekends / different days

Click to watch how it works:

The app is ready for testing.

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