Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Final Light Prototype for Video and Exhibition - Part 5: Cutting of Acrylic Sheets

As shared in this post, I couldn't cut the acrylic sheets without the proper tools so I had to ask my dad for help. He has a Jig Saw at home but I couldn't try it or ask him to teach me or help him because of the safe distancing measure. After I passed him the acrylic sheets, we had our discussion through messages and calls.

He made sure to take photos of his process and share with me at every step of the way so I could understand his working process
 He used the Jig saw to cut the curvatures, he hasn't done this in a long time and even though he mentioned that the edges are not perfect, I felt that they were already great enough.

 Arranging the acrylic placements
 He told me beforehand that the wooden lid is very fragile and if he were to create indented slots, the lid might break into pieces. He cut smaller base pieces to insert between each acrylic piece for better support.
  Like what he predicted, the wooden lid slot couldn't hold the acrylic pieces
  So he cut two more acrylic sheets, his acrylic sheet is 5mm so 2 is 10mm, the wooden lid is 8mm in thickness so currently the combined acrylic sheet is protruding out.
  Assembling the acrylic sheets together
He told me that he will be using screws to install the acrylic sheets instead of the indent slots.

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