Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Final Light Prototype for Video and Exhibition - Part 3: Holder for Light

For the light effects to be more prominent and significant, I inserted 3 folds of LED lights into the resin case. Thus, a shield to block the glaring light from direct eye contact is necessary. From the testings, participants are able to see the light effects on the wall even when the spinning resin case is shielded. When they close their eyes, they can still feel the pulsing effect even with the shield and are able to synchronise their breathing to the pulse
Images from shop Modern on Taobao
I thought of having an uneven shape of acrylic piece as the shield but I was worried that I am unable to fold the acrylic in the desired shape as it will be hot when soft and not easy to manage.

Images by: Obanunion, Kateryna Sokolova, Marcel Sigel, Nestor Campos
I decided to go for a more minimal design for the holder since I know I may not have the resources and time to produce a polished design.

Images by: Zen Garden, Cozy Home Decor, Azul Turquesa, Booooom!, Crafterall, P.metric, Andrew Merry, Boca Do Lobo, Malevich

I came across these beautiful paper cut designs and thought it is pretty in line with the ripple light effects I was trying to create. I will be incorporating this 'layered' idea into the design

I proposed my ideas to Grant and in our initial discussion, we wanted to 3D print the holder, however he told me that printing the holder will take a minimum of 72 hours and it is during assessment period, there are many students lining up to print their 3D works. I could either wait for my turn or look for an existing container to modify.
I went to Daiso, Ikea and several homeware shops. Came across this tissue holder at Kitchen+Ware. Although the size is rather big, it was the best option out of the rest and I decided to get it.
Grant said that he could help me with the acrylic laser-cut so I prepped my design files and bought acrylics from Dama.
The cover with indented slots for the acrylic boards. This cover is meant to replace the wooden cover of tissue holder. The holder is 8mm in thickness, whereas my acrylic is only 2mm, so I had to cut 4 pieces of them.
I also met up with Andreas to ask how to tidy up all my wires, cables and Arduinos. He suggested that I look into Teensy and shared that I could install an audio shield to the Teensy so the music will play at the same time when the light starts. Teensy is considered when the application needs more accuracy and processing power. It is also much faster than Arduino. Arduino also has an audio shield but we're not sure of its sound quality, and if it will be good enough for the Lasalle show. I told Andreas that I may not have enough time to re-program the whole set-up for Teensy and I will also need to purchase all the separate parts for Teensy which can be quite expensive so I will get an Arduino's audio shield first and evaluate the audio quality before moving forward.
Also, I will be using back the sensor we did for the very 1st pulsing light. I tried testing for a smaller sensor with Jason but it doesn't work. The 1st sensor can detect up to 80cm. Sensor will be installed into the case, when the user walks past the set-up, it will automatically trigger light and music to play at the same time. Jason has ordered the audio shield from Taobao and if it doesn't reach us in time, we will purchase from Continental, Simlim

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