Monday, March 30, 2020

Final Light Prototype for Video and Exhibition - Part 4: Manual Cutting

I had to resort to manual work when I received news that I can't access the workshop and studios for a week, which means I won't be able to do my acrylic laser-cut in time and my video will be delayed. I couldn't afford to take the chance so I decided to cut the acrylic parts on my own.

The good thing is I have my dad's help to install the resin case and lights. We are also working remotely for the purpose of safe distancing after I passed him the materials.
 First, he cut a piece of wood support to elevate the height of the resin case.
Like we did for the previous resin droplet, he applied the same method for spinning installation.
 He extended the hole for cover as we need to push back the resin stand in order to accommodate the shield (4 acrylic boards)
 Testing the light effects
The saddest part was I tried cutting the acrylic sheets but the edges turned out quite ugly because I didn't have the proper tools. I had to ask my dad for help. I sent him my digital files and he kinda eye ball-ed the curvatures and did the templates as he did not have a printer at home.
A rough placement on how the acrylic shields will be like.

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