Thursday, January 2, 2020

Are You Indistractable Card Game Physital Testing

Previously, I did mostly analog testing for the card game and only one group tested with the digital app. This time I went ahead with the Physital testing with more groups (32 participants) and see if we should develop further for the multi-player app. Here are some of the groups playing the game.

Objective of physital testing:
1. Can physital design strategy be applied seamlessly in a traditional card game to provide a humansic experience while digital technology acts as a valuable support?
2. Do players find it more challenging to resist digital distractions?
3. Are players receptive to the web app? Or do they prefer full analog gameplay?

After the testing, the participants filled up a survey and here are the findings:

Do you find it more difficult to resist phone notifications when using the web app? Please share why:
  • I can put away my phone when playing analog version but I could see notifications when using the web app which makes it difficult to resist replying.
  • Messages keep popping up so I get reminded easily
  • Can see notifications
  • Turn off notifications
  • When notifications appear I have a tendency to read
  • It is difficult to ignore calls and messages when you can see them
  • One hour of game is fine

Do you prefer the card game with or without the web app? Please share why:
  • The web app helps to save resources and I can turn off notifications to focus on the game
  • I can ignore the notifications and respond later
  • I prefer the physical tokens
  • Physical tokens are more fun
  • It doesn't affect me
  • I prefer to play with the track card and collecting physical tokens
  • Taking people's tokens in physical manner is more fun
  • The physical tokens are more fun to collect
  • nil
  • I feel obliged to reply messages so when I see the notifications it is difficult to ignore
  • I prefer the physical aspects
  • I don't always have my phone with me
  • Even if I don't receive notifications, other players' phones would ring sometimes and it is disruptive so it is better if everyone plays without
  • It is quite difficult to see other players' scores on the web app
  • Too much information in a small screen, difficult to see
  • the notifications don't bother me, I can still focus on the game
  • It's quite fun to watch the rest trying to resist replying messages
  • having phone in front of me reminds me of things i have to do at times, it is better to put it away and focus on the game and having fun
  • old school style with tokens is more fun
  • Not easy to disregard notifications, I keep thinking about the notifications even though I have ignored them
  • Higher tendency to check for notifications when using app but I also learn to ignore the less important stuff to focus on the game
  • Most gameplay is not on the web app so its ok
  • Not easy to ignore notifications compared to putting it out of sight
  • easier to bring around but i get tempted to reply messages if i see them coming in though. but i never reply so my team can win
  • Playing with the web app is efficient as the game proceeds faster without the counting of the physical tokens. But if i want to focus fully on the game, i think its better to have phone facing down and on silent mode so I am not aware of incoming notifications
  • Save the earth! Honestly it's not so difficult to ignore messages, just need determination from the start.
  • Web app is refreshing, can update and have new game content
  • I turn a blind eye to all messages during the game. I had a fixed mentality of focusing solely on the game before it started.
  • Neutral, not much difference to me
  • Fuss free
  • prefer tangible tokens
  • Halfway through the game, my friend texted me and I wanted to respond to it but i didn't want my teammates to lose points. The urge disappeared after a while since I know it's not important from the preview so I am ok to play with or without the web app

Key findings:

84.4% feel that the web app is not disruptive to the game flow
Although 71.9% feel that it is more difficult to resist phone notifications when playing with the web app, 46.9% don't mind the card game with the web app

53.1% prefer the card game without the web app and their main concerns are:
  • Physical tokens are more fun
  • Difficult to see other players scores on the web app
  • Not easy to ignore notifications compared to putting it out of sight
From these findings, it is understand that:
Even though players find it more challenging to resist digital distractions with the web app, majority don't find the web app a disruption to game flow. This means that people are receptive to the physital card game but it doesn't mean that this physital card game provides a humansic experience.

Humansic experience for the card game: Having fun in the social bonding activity while being digitally mindful. Players can brush off the notifications easily without feel uncomfortable or having a strong need to respond. An opportunity to focus on other intrinsic needs - in this context: social needs.

Only when the following concerns / needs are further addressed, may the 'Are you Indistractable' physital game be considered by players as providing a Humansic game experience.

1. Having more physical components so players get more tangible fix, on top the cards (physio-pleasure)
2. Improve the web app UI so it is easier for other players to see scores (usability, psycho-pleasure)
3. Players have adopted mindful digital habits (sense-making)

I will be doing a follow-up survey with the 32 participants in 2 weeks time to see if they have become more mindful in their screen-time usage after this 'educational' card game testing.

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