Monday, November 18, 2019

Design Brief #1: Card Game V3 Playtests and Web App

From the evaluation and feedback I gotten from V2 playtests, I've refined the game mechanics and developed version 3. I tested out with 2 groups. One group tested with both analog and web app.

The web app V1 is live and competitive mode is ready for play here. App is developed together with my brother.

1st group V3 testing with professional card game designers: Daryl, Ethan, Issac
Daryl feels that the overall game has improved (he's done V2 playtest with me before) but balance for HP can be better. 

2nd group with my BA students:
Alan, Charis and Loh Yi tested with track cards (analog mode) while Cindy, Sherwyn and Jeway tested with the web app. They find the game really fun and played it twice. 

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