Thursday, January 16, 2020

Follow Up Survey for Are you Indistractable Card Game

Following the latest physital card game testing, I caught up with the participants after 2 weeks to ask some questions.

Are you Indistractable game objectives (whether analog or physital mode):
1. Evoke awareness for mindful recreational screen-use
2. Switch off from digital distractions temporarily and focus on having fun with friends and family
3. Learn more about health facts and take up physical and mental challenges along the way
4. Can you survive the whole game while resisting the urge to access a phone notification or digital distraction?

Follow-up survey objectives:
1. After playing 'Are you Indistractable' game, players have become more aware of their digital usage but have they become more mindful in their daily screen usage?
2. Have they taken any measures or initiative to balance screen-time?


Have you taken any measures or initiatives since the card game? Please share more:
  • I hardly use my phone before bedtime
  • i try to rest on the train instead of playing games
  • I've been trying to reduce phone usage before bedtime but it is not successful
  • I don't see the need to, my usage is little
  • Yes, I have been using my phone a lot lesser before sleep
  • Don't know what to do
  • Eat without phone now
  • i put down my phone when i can
  • i charge my phone outside my bedroom now
  • Don't see a need to
  • I don't use my phone much
  • I try not to use my phone when eating
  • I think my current usage is fine
  • very difficult

From the findings, it can be understand that:
60% participants shared that they have become more mindful in their daily screen usage but only 46.7% have taken initiative for mindful screen use.

53.3% still use their digital devices during bedtime as much as pre-card game days, they have shared the following for the reasons:
Don't know how
Very difficult
Haven't found alternatives
Nothing else to do other than play games on phone
I need to watch my drama

70% are interested to participate in a sleep experience testing and see if it can help them to put down your phone/digital devices earlier / minimise excessive recreational screen-use.

Before I can run the holistic sleep experience testing, I need to understand user's reception to each individual sleep product. I will be arranging a design testing session with select participants from the 70% so they could test each product and share feedback on how to improve the designs together.


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