Saturday, November 2, 2019

Design Brief #1: Card Game Prototypes and Updated Game Mechanics

From the playtests, I've decided to add the following to make things more exciting, as some players feel that the game can be more challenging.

Game mechanics I've added:
1. Secret target and secret mission - Inspired by Running Man and Gina.
Players need to plot and strategise during the game play for missions to be carried out at the end. This component is optional to play.

2. I combined all the different challenge piles (crack that, guess what, pick a challenge) into one deck and separated them into 3 levels for users to choose - easy, intermediate, difficult. To direct people to access the challenges, there are chance (do a challenge) cards shuffled into action pile which they can choose to play. To encourage them to take on a challenge, 2 HP is given once card is played. Difficult challenge cards have more points - high risk high reward - suggestion by Daryl.

3. Weaved '2 truth and one lie' games on health related facts into 'crack that' to make people think more critically - suggestion by Chunfu.

4. Added physical exercises to 'guess what' to make it more health related instead, such as guess which outdoor activity is this? Mountain biking, etc. - suggestion by Chunfu.

5. Added memory games - pattern matching / memorising certain phrases / objects in short periods to train the brain - suggestion by Chunfu.

6. Added 'Take a photo of whole team doing exercises together ' to document the fun memories - so players can look back and recall. - suggestion by Gina. I might further develop this idea.

7. To keep things more inclusive, I changed the physical activity challenges to 'pick a challenge, either this or that' example, do 10 burpees vs answer a health question

8. Added cards that allow players to block and protect HP by doing physical activities - push-ups.

9. Changed starting HP to 5 instead of 10 - suggested by Melvin -'Let them strategise on their own, if they changed immediately at the start and their HP becomes zero, they will lose their trophies if he is sabotaged.'

10. Changed 'end game' to time limit instead of number of trophies to be won. Gameplay can be set at 30 minutes and once time is up, the team /player with most trophies win. - suggested by Melvin.

11. Added a special power to each character that they can play at their turn
Example: Screen-a-holic: Gain 5 HP by deleting 2 unused mobile applications on your phone

12. Each action cards (upgrade/sabotage) can include more matching characters. Previously it was only 1. Example:
With all these new game mechanics, I've developed Are You Indistractable Version 3. I tested with the prototypes - size and colours before sending them for professional print.
I'm using a track card for analog play to collect HP and trophies.
Prototype for rulebook
I'm recycling a mooncake box for my V3 version so I took the measurements and designed the packaging, seen below. 
I normally do all my printing at Botak Printing but they only have the standard poker card type and I'm looking for linen finish for more textural feel. Daryl shared 2 printing vendors with me, iSuccess has a wide variety and reasonable prices. These are materials I've selected for print.
 Paper sticker for the mooncake box. Finetoile white for the cards.
Art card matte for track cards, I will also be doing cardboard die-cut for the tokens (HP and trophies).

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