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Design Brief #1: Card Game V2 Playtest and Findings Part 5

This is the final V2 playtest.

Some of the participants (1), (2), (3), (4) helped me with an evaluation survey after the playtest. Here are the findings.

Responses: 52
Main age group for playtest: 18 - 35

Please share why or which part can be improved:
  • Just a personal preference. Don't really play cards game, unless it is psychology based games like In a form of bluffing.
  • Better character involvement in game and relatability
  • but can still have improvements: perhaps challenges can be included to invoke usage of memory skills
  • Tasks can be slightly more challenging
  • More challenges, more interaction, reduce downtime, cut down card types
  • Downtime between turns needs to be shortened for higher player counts. Different card categories can be unified into a single deck for improved accessibility.
  • The action card is a must action for every 2 round need one action so everyone have to some action. This way its more fun and enjoyable for more age group.
  • Idea is refreshing & is in line with the recent campaigns for ppl to move and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Game seems to be suitable for older kids and adults. Not sure if there is answer key to the question cards? Also, a player that has played the game a few times would already know the answer.
  • The header for the cards should be grouped so it’ll be easier to identify
  • 1. Information presented to be more educational - to include facts or myths
  • 2. Weave physical activity into action cards eg do 10 jumping jacks to block a player
  • 3. Include group/ family activities eg posing or taking of photos to create personal memories
  • 4. Include individual/ group secret mission to have an element of suspense and make it more challenging
  • 5. Include beginner, advance and pro levels and introduce different elements/ up the “how to win” based on these levels.
  • Need to have fewer cards, instructions need to be clearer, pictorial form for elderly, chinese words for older player
  • No reward
  • Create different exercise or activities to people with physical limitations to participate with the game.
  • Decrease the starting token to increase the difficulty to gather sufficient tokens.
Participants who find the game neutral or boring prefer to play social deductive card games such as Avalon so they are not interested in family party card games, they find it too straightforward and not challenging enough. I'm thinking of creating an expansion pack with 'Secret Target and Secret Mission' like Running Man and what Gina suggested.

What do you like most about the game?
  • Guess what
  • Every bit of it.
  • The point system
  • Accumulating points and sabotaging friends to do exercises
  • Different activities, team mode, can chose which actions you want to do.
  • Challenges
  • I like the simplicity of the game rules. It was quite easy to understand and follow.
  • guess what section
  • Available to play in a group against another, to have teamwork, strategies to win. The content and rule to put away smartphone as well.
  • The various activities that needs to be done before a point is earned
  • The options given and that it is very similar to games like monopoly deal.
  • i like the part where it is a competition between 2 teams that require teamwork and not just a competition between individuals
  • Using phone incurs penalty
  • ,this game play with a co-op play style is something new and refreshing to me
  • The Challenge deck, get to play with a teammate/s
  • I could use my physical(little bit of exercise) and it’s been a while playing game that has interaction with people so i enjoyed
  • interesting facts provided on the cards
  • Team work and knowing fun facts without using any phone to actually Google for answers.
  • Being able to play in a team.
  • Being able to play the game with friends / spend time with them / create new memories
  • the mini games
  • The challenges, the team play
  • No for the above question as did not manage to access the health trivia cards during the playtest session.
  • Having squads so we can have multiple people in 1 team.
  • Team work
  • Team cooperation and use a bit of mind.
  • It is interactive & gets people to move
  • The playing in groups aspect!
  • The team element - allowing for a deeper level of interaction
  • 使人们促进沟通交流
  • Earn points to win HP
  • Teamplay
  • To win the game
  • Team play
  • Engaging
  • Physical activities and guess what game
  • Teamwork
  • Easy to play
  • Teamplay and sabo
  • Sabo opponent
  • It is refreshing and engaging game which also serve the purpose of the objectives.
  • Healthy living information

The V2 Playtest was done without the mobile app but penalty was enforced when participants addressed their digital distractions.

Please share why (for above question):
  • Prefer a more psychology focus games.
  • Game length too long
  • It's not suitable to play with my family or friends
  • I may not play the game with my friends / family as its not my preferred style of game.
  • To spend time to play with people from different generation
  • A fun way to bond and pass time
  • Just like any other card games, it made me laugh and I enjoyed it
  • It is a great bonding activity
  • Friends are not interested
  • Not engaging enough, most of the time players are not doing anything outside of their turn
  • Need better incentives
  • It boost relationship to be more focus on one another and remind players not to be constantly distracted by device.
  • To decrease screen time and increase family bonding

Some feedback I gotten from participants regarding the above question was:
  • They don't think a mobile app is necessary as they can focus on the game without being distracted (But there are a handful of people who are unable to control themselves)
  • Some people think that by using a mobile app, it may be more difficult to control the urge
  • Some people were mistaken about the app as I didn't really explain the purpose of mobile app properly since the Playtest was analog, they thought that having a mobile app will defeat the purpose of this intervention. 
  • I also didn't really explain that the point of the app is also to train resilience against digital distractions. 

Other comments:
  • Have more moves to play in a round, maybe can increase the no. of trophies to win the game?
  • This game is rlly fun but a suggestion is that maybe there should be an option to have more teams like players can choose the number of teams they want to play with. eg. first round have 4 teams then second round have 2 teams. this would like kinda make it more fun in a way whereby they can choose between different "modes"?
  • I think people would use more if there are big rewards like money or other gifts if they won. 
  • I feel that more challenges to force players to make use of their memory will help highlight the dementia problem. perhaps mini games like pattern matching or memorising certain phrases/shapes in short periods of time.
  • The game shouldn't be on mobile, as it may defeat the purpose.
  • If you make the game into the mobile app then you defeat the purpose of not using hp and you can't do any action card thingy.
  • Need to include more health education
  • Has potential if you fine-tune the gameplay
  • I think mobile app might take away the engagement amongst players
  • Simplify first few rounds, add more cards later

I will take the feedback into consideration and work them into V3 for further playtest.


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