Friday, November 1, 2019

Design Brief #2: Discussion with Dr Richard and Bee Koon

I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to meet Dr Richard Swinbourne, he shared many useful tips and ideas for sleep. Currently they are not doing any study on sleep aids, there are also no interest groups for testing but he was very interested when I proposed collaboration and suggested forming interest groups. He then suggested that we can also do testing with athlete focus group and even a scientific team.

I shared my sleep inducing environment ideas with him and he thought they were pretty cool. Some of the sleep aids he found useful and effective are eye masks and warm socks. He recommended me to look at Fatigue science wearable device and to consider having optimal temperature in the environment I'm building. He also shared interesting sleeping facts such as Singapore is the brightest country in the world and how aquatic mammals such as dolphins sleep with half their brain awake. He also mentioned that people hardly get any quality sleep on the first night at a new hotel. This could also suggest that our brains may stand guard while sleeping at a new place.

It was a really great discussion with him and he's looking forward to see the prototypes. I hope I can create something interesting to test with him.

I also met up with Bee Koon, Team Lead at Membership department, Richard linked us up and I had a sharing session with her to see if there's any chance we could collaborate for the card game or do testing for public interest groups on sleep. She is incredibly supportive when I shared my ideas with her and just like Richard, she is looking forward to see my prototypes. She also shares that it is possible to set up a space at SportSG for testing.

I'm currently working on the prototypes and will share with them once ready.

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