Monday, September 2, 2019

Testing: Digital Diet Hack

Active Health is looking to incorporate hacks into their digital platform which I proposed some ideas in an older post.

Joelle and I was thinking maybe we could have them in 3 segments:
1. Quick tips
2. Fun challenges
3. 12 week programme

Objective: Allow non on-boarders to try out some simple hacks and activities before deciding if they want to take on a 12 week programme. If they are interested to learn more about their body composition, fitness and health status after trying the hacks, they can also sign up for the free assessment here.

Aspiration (Screen Time and Sleep):
I want to feel fresh and free of fatigue

1st testing: A short video as part of the Digital Diet challenge: To minimise 30 minutes of screen time every day. We thought of setting a limit for mobile applications. In the end, we decided we shouldn't be too prescriptive and we should just pitch it in a way to ask them to reduce their social media usage by 15 mins as a hack.

I shot this trial video with the help of Jason for testing, which they may/may not release soon.
Music by Sokolovsky Music - Positive Ukulele

We also thought of shooting scenarios where phones are mostly used and how real people are cracking the digital diet hacks and showing that its doable / provide alternatives. We haven't shoot this yet but we have some ideas in mind. Some of them may seem silly as we haven't refine them.
1. Toilet - Toilet paper origami, count Z to A
2. Commuting, Grab car - sudoku, crossword / draw a paper fortune teller (what should I eat for lunch today?) Commuting, Mrt: people watch or meditate or light hand exercises
3. Atm queues / waiting for lifts - tidy up wallet or do line-friendly exercises 
4. Gym - identify 5 usually unnoticed things (keep a book - things I’ve never noticed before)
5. Before bed - relaxation exercises, squeeze and release or colouring/sing yourself to sleep/ aromatherapy
6. Over meals - Games to play with someone around: I spy

Other ideas for videos:
Spend time talking to people instead of prioritising screens
Sleeping bag for phones outside bedroom - put device out of sight
Analogue alternatives
Encourage mindful scrolling or useful consumption on screens
Aim fo the sweet spot of screen-time: Goldilocks point (Oxford study: 4 hours per day on screens have positive effect on teenagers well being)
Set intention for screen time
Create affirmations (short and simple positive statements) - maybe can create a chant or meme? Cards, posters, stickers?


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