Sunday, August 18, 2019

Digital Platform Proposal and Hentak Taki Movement

I had discussions with Joelle, Programme and Planning team and they were looking to launch a new Digital Platform.
Objectives of this platform:
1. Allow non onboarders to try out some simple hacks and activities and let them decide if they want to try a 12 week programme.
2. Help people to take ownership of their health and wellbeing

Here's what I proposed:

1. Screen time hacks – provide fun and interesting way to help one to reduce their screen usage. For eg, no screen time during a gym session, muting certain chat groups to take away distraction, bathroom etc. Encourage people to pick up just a hack at a time and see the difference it makes.

Can introduce a new UI for screen-time hacks - we don’t share all, they have to go through a 30 day challenge to discover all hacks.
‘Challenge/Screen-Time Hack of the day’: Keep tonight’s dinner device-free
Share one-liner how it will improve relationships or a bite size fact on screen time/did you know…

2. Are you a screen time addict? Come up with a list of questions for people to answer to see if they qualify to be a screen addict. The goal is to get people to realise how much they are using the screen and they are using it more than they think they are.

3. Expand on the ‘Active Health Journey’ section where interviews can be carried out- can cover stories of sports athletes (their thoughts and routine on 4 domains) or families that make it a point to have a healthy lifestyle or success stories from onboarding/ post onboarding/ digital declutter programme / challenges
- How they managed to take ownership of their health, etc.
Personal experiences & real life stories can inspire and people can resonate. It looks more do-able when its done and tested by someone. or debunking myths etc.

Possible article content on screen time from AH Journey section:
- I’m the mother with her phone at the playground.
- How I’m taking a step from screen back into the real world with these 4 hacks.
- How real families navigate screens
- I struggled with getting my kids off the screen
- I tried using a alarm clock for 2 weeks and it has improved my sleep quality significantly
- I started slow-eating and here’s what I found out
- I learnt to be more present and first thing I did was toning down on screens.
- I went on the digital diet and I’m happier now.

4. Interactive infographics that tie all 4 domains together - how 1 affect another and how much sleep/nutrition/physical activity you need and helpful screen time recommendations. showing them positive effects and benefits if screen time is decreased, your concentration becomes better at work s
- instead of presenting information in sentences, allow users to click on graphics and explore
It could be something straightforward like:
or simply just easy to digest infographics for all 4 domains. if I use too much of social media, I become depressed, which parts of the brains are affected. If I am affected by instant gratification, which part of my brain is affected and what happens if its long term?

5. Targetted pain points: 
What is the biggest health challenge you’re currently facing? / Which of the following domains would you like to improve on? / What would you like to improve on?
Physical activity
Screen Time

What are your biggest concerns if its left unchecked? (You may select more than 1) 
What are your aspirations?
Under screen time:
- Insufficient sleep
- Poorer concentration at school/work
- Weaker memory
- Weaker impulse control (Instant gratification)
- Increased risk of obesity (Eating too much while watching show)
- Lesser real-life interactions, decreased social skills
- Digital fatigue - overload of information
- Decreased confidence
- Lesser time spent with my children/family

Once selected we can provide information / proven studies / helpful methods to improve their concerns.
Eg, Weaker impulse control and instant gratification - share how online media platforms are designed to addict adults, etc.
Eg, Lesser real-life interactions - Book a facility and re-connect with your family and friends today, Badminton, etc. Can suggest card games also.
Eg, Digital Fatigue - overload of information - Studies that show multi-tasking may not be productive at work/ can install ad block on browsers / do a marie kondo on mobile applications
Eg, Lesser time spent with my children - Turn on airplane mode during playtimes - mindful parenting tips
Eg, Insufficient sleep - Share positive benefits of sufficient sleep, don’t use phones 30 minutes before sleep, buy an old school alarm clock and place phone outside bedroom. Can share stories on declutter challenge, they can also sign up for it. Maybe just $10 Activesg credits

What has prevented you from improving it?
Under screen time:
- Boredom/ Nothing to do/ I need entertainment - Provide off screen alternatives - book a facility, workshops etc, recommend card games, or link up with museums/USS for special
discounts - Guo Pei 20% off - auto generator online - what should i do today?
- I need to check my work emails on weekend - share with them that childhood development is crucial and time spent with children is important. or checking work emails constantly is detrimental for mental well-being and may foster negative effects / work fatigue / lack of creativity in the long run.
- Social media platforms (Instagram / Facebook) is fun - share how online media platforms are designed to addict adults, etc.
- To avoid awkward conversations - Play a card game instead! Share with each other and learn new things about each other.
- Nothing to do at queues

I started a Hentak Taki / Move it Move it movement, supposedly a line-friendly exercise, which I thought of it when I was queuing for The Alley for bubble tea, it was almost an hour queue. I realised I hadn't clocked 10,000 steps for that day so I started marching with my sister-in-law, and when we were marching we couldn't use our phones at all since we were all shaky so we ended up talking all the way. By the time our bubble teas were ready, I clocked about 15,000 steps which was pretty impressive.

I documented it for one of the days, we started at 6pm:

We went around Singapore and did the Hentak Taki exercise when we were queuing up at Don Don Donki, at food stalls, at drink stalls and even when sitting down waiting for food, I would do knee lifts.
In 4 hours, we managed to hit 10,000 steps.
However we realise it could be quite distracting for other people and imagine if everyone started to march in their queues, it can be quite inconvenient and chaotic so I didn't continue this testing in the end even though I created an Instagram account. Maybe just to raise awareness, I could compile a series of Hentak Taki exercises at queues with deadpan faces just for laughs, who knows it may even go viral.

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