Thursday, August 15, 2019

Museum of the World's Deadliest Weapons

I came across Health Promotion Board's exhibition during GetActive! Singapore week, I think its a very interesting concept and find it rather thought provoking. However I'm not sure of the impact this exhibition can achieve. From my probe kit findings, people prefer to know about the positive effects than negative impacts. I guess HPD team probably feel that nobody pays attention to the good things and people tend to take advice/feel good factors for granted so they tried this controversial approach to gain people attention and hopefully to kickoff the conversation on eating healthily and achieving a better lifestyle.

Health Promotion Board's Campaign:
Museum of the World's Deadliest Weapons
Can you spot the threats that are hiding in plain sight?

They have a #CouchofDeath social media challenge campaign

People get to explore Virtual Reality experience in a make-shift lift and I tried it while wearing the headset, to be honest, it was rather frightening for me. The whole experience was immersive and I could move around to explore the surroundings. A grim reaper appeared at the end and when I turned my head around in the lift, I was a little taken aback to see an auntie behind me (in the video).

They also had a EyeScream traveling exhibit that have rows of giant eyeballs sitting atop icecream cones and barbecue pit stacked with salted human hearts.

These macabre exhibits at the Museum of the World's Deadliest Weapons are part of efforts by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to raise awareness about diabetes and the dangers of consuming too much sugar, salt and fat. (Kurohi, Straits Times, 2019)

It is meant to be both entertaining and educational, and has been designed with a grim twist to highlight some of the unexpected dangers in our everyday habits and lifestyle choices. (Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Health, 2019).

Watch it here:

Recently, I saw The Uncle video campaign by them too, it has the same grim horror story concept as the museum exhibition but I feel that its really not bad. It has generated mostly positive comments with many people applauding it as being creative and using a different approach rather than the usual touching sad story. An interactive exhibition on excessive screen-time as a sleep assassin can be sound quite exciting and engaging too.

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