Monday, August 12, 2019

GetActive! Singapore 2019 event happenings

GetActive!Singapore 2019 took place from 1 August to 10 August 2019.  It's a 10-day island-wide sporting festival that included competitions, enabler programmes and sport activities to celebrate National Day through sport.

I was based at the anchor site, Sports Hub as my questionnaire was being run alongside with the Active Health Move Better Trail. I was also onstage leading the 2019 GetActive! Singapore NDP Workout: Our Singapore as well, one of my favourite workouts at this event. 

By participating in a series of fun activities at the AH Move Better Trail stations and completing the questionnaire, participants stand a chance to win attractive prizes at the claw machine. We also had craft stations and memory games to engage the participants.
The four stations were:
1. Active Health Pop-Up: To try out physical activities and get tips on how to eat better. Participants can evaluate their screen time and sleep habits as well.
2. Find Sir Stamford Raffles: Learn functional exercises and complete the life size board game which is a Singapore MRT map.
3. SingCity Obstacle Course: Participants are tasked to do Active Health challenges / single chair assessments for warm up before they bounce off into the bouncy castles.
4. Show Off Your Moves: Strike workout poses for 5 seconds and share the photos on social media to redeem a totebag which can be customised by stamps on the spot.
On the third day, we changed the mechanics to just completing 2 stations and questionnaire to get a chance to win at claw machine for better facilitation.

It was a really fun week where I got to chat with many people on screen-time and conducted my research. I also helped the team to design posters for the event. I'll share the on-site interviews along with the data collected from the questionnaire in another blog post.


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