Wednesday, August 21, 2019

School Assembly Talk on Sleep+Screens and NYSI Nap Pods

I was working with Samantha and Jayne on a school assembly talk for Nan Hua High School and the theme is Healthy Lifestyle. It's a 30 minutes of Assembly Talk time with the students from 1130am to 12noon. There're 1500 students, ages 13 to 16, basically Sec 1 to 4. The objective is to provide health tips on sleep and screen time, and how all the other domains are just as important.

We were brainstorming for ideas to connect with the students and tried to make it engaging. We wanted to make it a fun and easy to understand session. As my target audience is mostly young adults for screen-time, I wasn't sure how to reach out to students. It was also this time when I started to do more research on both Sleep and Screens. 

(Huysmans, 2018)

I borrowed two books for better understanding on screen time and children, screen time and family since I was trying to engage youths.

The Art of Screen Time: How your family can balance digital media and real life, Anya Kamenetz 
She shares research from different disciplines and through her frameworks, she hopes to help parents navigate their children's tech use in a responsible and respectful manner.

Stop Staring at Screens: A digital detox for the whole family, Tanya Goodin, also the founder of It's Time to Log Off.
Tanya shares useful tips on motivating the whole family to cut down on their screens in order to focus on more meaningful activities with each other. She encourages discussion on screen time between family members, how to set boundaries around screen time, how to find the right balance, how to boost happiness and ideas on making the most of your time away from screens.


These are following ideas for the assembly talk:

1. Introduction 3-4 questions
Screen Time: When your phone battery is flat and you can’t charge it, what do you do?
Screen Time: Do you have an identity crisis without your mobile phone?
Screen Time: Do you use your phones over meals?
Sleep: Do you sleep with your phone or put it outside your bedroom?
Sleep: How many hours of sleep do you need to feel well-rested?

2. Habits
3 x 3 Bingo:
(The level that raises up most hands wins)
- I do not look at screens 30 minutes before bed
- I turn off all alerts on my mobile phone when I go to bed
- I don’t feel the need to check social media constantly
- I don’t check for messages or notifications as soon as I wake up
- I focus on finishing my homework and try not to be distracted by my phone
- I avoid looking at screens in the dark
- I only check my phone after my breakfast (Not sure if this works for them)

(Wennington, 2014)

(Open ended questions & Yes/No)
- Does insufficient sleep cause a higher risk of obesity? (
- Is it true that teenagers can become obese if they spend too much time in front of screens?
(Source: Monaco, K. (2016, December 15). Obesity risk factors tied to screen time for U.S. teens—Use of devices, TV may mean more sugary drinks and less activity. MedPage Today. Retrieved from
- Is zero screen time good for health? (Not necessarily, Source: Nauert, R. (2017, January 16). Study aims for sweet spot of teens’ screen time. Psych Central. Retrieved from  Study:
- Should we wake up at the same time on weekends? (Sleep habit, Active Health)

3. Would you rather game, 2-3 questions
- Would you rather sleep or use your phone?
- Would you rather read a print book or e-book?
- Would you rather use social media or play a card game with friends?
- Your favourite band is hosting a concert with 2 options,
Would you rather: Free ticket, VIP access and close up interaction with no phones and cameras,
or Free ticket, no VIP access but usage of phones and cameras are allowed. (I have this question in my probe kit but I’m not sure if its suitable for them)

In the end, a section of 'Guess the sleeping hours of these animals and which of them are you most similar to? was added as well. 
Sheep: 4 hours
Rabbit: 8 hours
Hedgehog: 10 hours
Dogs: 12 hours

However, the assembly talk wasn't able to commence and will be postponed to a later date.

On a side note, I wanted to share these Nap Pods that National Youths Sports Institute has. The interns at SportSG have completed their attachments and were sharing their journeys with everyone at NYSI. I popped by with the team to support them and I was quite intrigued with what I found at their institute. It was a very conducive environment for the student athletes to do their homework, study, rest and play.


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