Saturday, July 13, 2019

ActiveSG Merdeka Women Executive Community Event

Following the previous Merdeka Generation roadshow, this event is held specially for WEC Association, Women Executive Community at Singapore Cultural Centre.

For this pop-up, the Active Health & ActiveSG teams wanted to promote Active Health Merdeka Generation 3-in-1 Package and encourage them to sign up for it. The package includes 3 components: Sarcopenia Screening, Nutrition Workshop and Exercise Class, which are all supported by a 12-week online programme.

Sarcopenia screening: To learn about managing loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength at selected Active Health Labs

Nutrition workshop: Experts will give nutrition recommendations to prevent loss of skeletal muscle mass.

Strength class: There are resistance band and strength orientation classes to restore strength to counter muscle loss.

  • To raise awareness of the importance of lean muscle tissue and the it’s impact on daily function as you age
  • To give practical strategies with exercise and nutrition to maintain and increase lean muscle tissue and optimise performance 
During the event, we did handgrip tests for the ladies and we also shared about ActiveSg Merdeka packages which they can use the ActiveSG credits to access gym and pools. 

By the end of the event, I was brainstorming ideas and possibilities for screen-time tests. I'm thinking of running a questionaire during their events with the right target audience and conducting interviews with the participants. 

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