Friday, July 19, 2019

Active Health Public Service Week Health Lab

Joelle Furore from the Programme and Planning team suggested that I run a workshop on Screen-time at their Health Labs so I went for some workshops to understand more.

It was the Public Service Week and Active Health was involved to provide workshops for public servants. As seen on the initiative's website:

Public Service Week was inaugurated in 2008 as an annual event for public officers to build pride and a sense of belonging to the Public Service core values and recognise the good work done by public officers and agencies. The tagline of PSW “Serving the Nation and Proud of it” is a strong commitment for us to continue to maintain our ethos of doing our best for Singapore.

Public Service Week 2019 is aligned with the next phase of Public Sector Transformation, which emphasises the need for deep transformation to the core, to build a Future Public Service capable of building our Future Singapore.

- Public Service Week Singapore

Active Health wanted to introduce their initiatives and movement to spur working adults in the public sectors to take ownership of their health and wellness and to let them try out the health assessments during the Public Service Week's onboarding sessions. This session was done at Decathlon Singapore Lab, Active Health partnered with Decathlon to have a space to run activities and workshops and participants are able to buy wallet friendly equipment at the same time. Decathlon run their own programmes, they also have indoor and outdoor spaces at Kallang to encourage physical activities - basketball court, badminton courts and rackets, table tennis tables, etc. 

After the session, we also did the 2019 GetActive! Singapore NDP Workout: Our Singapore with them. It's a fun workout that I really enjoyed doing at all the events. 

 Joelle Pang, a Active Health Expert was sharing with the participants on the AH journey, how it all started and the objectives of this movement.

Screen time is a tricky domain as there are no recommended usage for working adults, if I were to run a workshop, its basically on the awareness of screen time usage, discussing about the downsides of excessive screen time usage and sharing the benefits of using screens more responsibly. 

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