Sunday, October 13, 2019

Design Brief #1: UIUX development of Card Game

After testing the gameplay, I've started on the first version of UI design and 2nd version of UX flow so Zen can start coding the screens - frontend and backend.

I've met up with another app developer, Kawi last Friday to pitch the card game idea to him and he feels that the card game has potential and is interested to join the team. He is currently in discussion with Zen on the app development, they will finish the single player version for testing before working on the internet socket for multi-player.

Here are the first UI versions and assets I've sent to them,

UX FLOW       V2

Landing page > How to play
Landing page > About

Timer UI:
Landing page > New game > Waiting for players > Almost ready (even number players)
Landing page > Join game > Waiting for players > Almost ready (odd number players)

Guess what main ui > Selected deck > Click another

Almost ready (even number players) > Team play > Team play ‘HOME’ 
Almost ready (oddnumber players) > Single play > Singleplay ‘HOME’ 
Team/Single play HOME > Change no. of trophies
Team/Single play HOME > Why deduct?

Single/team play home > = side bar clicked > How to play
Single/team play home > = side bar clicked > Quit game

Crack it > Start > Answer
Crack it > Start > Click for another question

Challenges > Start > Another challenge

While they work on the app development, I'm currently working on V3 of the cards and will be doing further testing with more groups of people.


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