Tuesday, October 1, 2019

DIY Cootie Catcher

Since I'll be sharing about the importance of tactile play in my public seminar presentation, I created cootie-catchers for the audience to take home and play with their family and friends, I hope it can bring them some joy and nostalgia in the process of making and playing.

DIY your own cootie catcher and gameplay with these templates:

Template ideas: Things to eat / Things to do this weekend

How to fold:

How to play:

1. Choose your favourite animal
2. Spell the word out while opening and closing the cootie catcher, in and out, side to side.
3. When done counting, pick an equation to solve
4. Count out the number and open the flaps in and out, side to side again
5. Pick and solve the final equation to open the flap to find a activity to take on


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