Tuesday, January 22, 2019

MA Exercise: Research topics

My research proposal which I submitted during application last year was about memory loss and memory care. I became interested in two other topics when school started. I looked at consumerism and inclusivity. For some reason, my research always geared towards fashion. I'm still not sure if I want to make it fashion related, or challenge myself to look at it in other disciplines. Here are my initial mind-maps. I consulted Harah today in class and she still thinks that memory loss is more interesting than consumerism and inclusivity. I'll do more research before deciding on one.

Fig. 1: Is technology harming human memory with constant distraction? (Vinicius Amano) 
Fig. 2: Increasing dependence on technology (Spencer Selover)

Fig. 3: Tommy Hilfiger, Adaptive fashion (David Cabrera) 
Fig. 4: Building a culture of inclusivity (Unsplash)

Fig. 5: Fast fashion stores driving consumerism (Burst) 
Fig. 6: Create circular economy: Recyle, Re-use, Re-purpose, Repair, Reduce (Luka Siemionov)

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