Friday, January 18, 2019

MA Exercise: Keywords

We paired up in Nur's class and each team randomly chose an object (newspaper, postcard, book, article, etc). Shirley and I got the Audrey Hepburn's postcard. I didn't manage to take a photo, but it was basically a black and white photography of her sitting down in an elegant pose, wearing simple clothes. We were tasked to list down keywords relating to design just by looking at the object, for us it's the postcard.

Photo by National Portrait Gallery, UK (This is not the postcard we analysed)

Main design keywords that came to our minds:
Statement / Icon - She's a fashion icon in the 1950s, and her legacy still lives on today
Branding - She was admired for her natural beauty as opposed to Christian Dior's New Look style and Marilyn Monroe sultry vibe. She was small chested, comfortable in her own skin and didn't take life seriously. Her image is lasting and remains popular.
Fashion - Clean, minimal, effortless, fuss free. Nothing fancy, no heavy make-up. Other than being known for her little black dress, she would also wear ballet flats and cigarette pants, further breaking the notion of a woman should be sexy and in high heels in 1950s. This allowed women to be comfortable and not feel inadequate.
Media, Influence - Audrey Hepburn sets a new era of femininity, she helped changed the way media and movies perceived women. We still see her in magazines, prints, posters, films and different media.

Secondary keywords:
Clean / Simplicity
Screen (Film)
Body Language
Little Black Dress
Print (2D)
Signature Pose

If I had to choose the most interesting keyword for research, I would choose branding as feminism will continue to evolve, the Audrey Hepburn brand has potential and is relevant.

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