Tuesday, January 15, 2019

MA Exercise: Urban Field Works

Assignment: Observe and investigate the ordinary happenings and encounters found within an urban landscape. Collect quantitative data with digital and analog means.

My objective: How many people in Singapore can use chopsticks correctly?
Medium: Notebook, camera

I am one who cannot use chopsticks correctly. I never tried correcting myself as I don't find it important. I asked my friends who can use chopsticks correctly along as I can take really long to distinguish between the correct and incorrect ways. 

We went to hawker centres and food places at different parts of Singapore for observation. We recorded every person we saw who was using chopsticks, regardless of race, gender, age and nationality. 

Places covered:
North - Ang Mo Kio Hub Food Fare
North - Ang Mo Kio Blk 711 S-11 Coffee Shop
North-East - Kovan Market & Food Centre
North-East - Fernvale Layar FoodFare
South - Harbourfront Seah Im Food Centre
South - Harbourfront VivoCity B2 Kopitiam
South - Harbourfront ViVoCity L3 Food Republic
South-West - MDIS Queenstown Campus Food Haven
West - Jurong West Hawker Centre
West - Boon Lay Place Food Village

Dates: 12, 13, 17 January 2019
Sample size: 125
Total number of people with correct way of using chopsticks: 76 / 61%
Total number of people with incorrect way of using chopsticks: 49 / 39%

The percentage of people using chopsticks correctly in Singapore is higher than the ones who can't.
The research also shows that hawker centres, food courts and  coffee shops are mostly patroned by adults and elderly while youths aged < 24 and young adults < 30 prefer restaurants and cafes.

Quantitative & qualitative data: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19r5qI5rxG9JYPt1e-VdJwgHuKFojWkq9

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