Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Snoezelen - Multi-Sensory Stimulation Sleep Inducing Experience

A multi-sensory sleep-inducing experience for mindful users to meaningfully ease excessive recreational screen use.

This experimental testing is part of a Time Well Spent project to help people to value their time spent on digital platforms, to minimise digital distractions and remind them of the things they truly value so recreational screen-use can be meaningful.

Recreational screen use is good for winding down at bedtime however if screen use exceeds the positive affordance stage and the subsequent screen use eats into sleeping time, the overall experience will result in more negative impacts on overall health than positive impacts.

While it is necessary to consider digital leisure needs in this digital age, it is also equally important to take care of our primary needs required for basic functioning.

If you would like to understand more about this project, my exegesis is available for reading and can be found here.

Light and Music System by
Ace Chia, Lim Jason, Allen Chia, Grant Li, Dirty Blonde Productions, Andreas Schelgel

With help of Focus Group Participants,
Aly Teo, Jessalynne Woo, Chia Xinni, Shane Lim, Alison Poh, Law Chunfu, Dion Heng, Vincent Phua, Lim Jason

Special Thanks to:
Dr Richard Swinbourne, Nur Hidayah, Dr Harah Chon for Guidance

Opening music by
Invisible Beauty by Aakash Gandhi

Video and editing by Ace Chia

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