Thursday, April 9, 2020

Discussion of Findings

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Eye-masks by: Shane, Jessalynne, Charis, Anabel, Jason, Jeway, Mandy, Aly, Xinni, Yingying, Vera

I also followed up with the rest of the 43 participants
 who have only played card game to see if anyone has taken initiative to make the eye-mask. 6 participants shared that they did and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Objectives of a follow-up with other 43 participants who have only played card game
1. To see if they have made any conscious effort in mindful / meaningful recreational screen use
2. If their behavior has change for a more positive outlook

I decided to compare the percentage of the following to see how the conditioning of Humansic Interventions fare

13.9% (6 out of 43) who have played the card game took initiative to make the sleeping eye-mask
50% (3 out of 6) participants of experience testing took initiative to make the sleeping eye-mask
66% (2 out of 3) participants of sleep experiment took initiative to make the sleeping eye-mask

41.9% who have played the card game shared that they have taken initiative for mindful screen use even though 88.4% shared that they have become more aware of their daily screen usage. 
100% of the focus group are making conscious effort to minimise their ERSU and be more mindful of their recreational screen-use, be it in social setting or in bed. 
Findings show a gradual positive improvement and the participants who followed through the whole process of conditioning showed more willingness to adopt mindful screen habits. 

From these findings, it can be inferred that the whole conditioning (design) process is successful and can be considered as a 'Design for Humansic Living' methodology. The individual interventions allow for the harmonisation of participants' intrinsic needs and facilitate for meaningful screen-use behaviour to happen. Especially for the sleep participants as their overall sleep quality has improved and they are taking on healthy screen-use habits and expressed interest to continue adopting the Humansic Lifestyle. 

Full transcription of video interviews of Follow-up with focus group (6) can be found here.
Full transcription of video interviews of Follow-up with sleep experiment group (3) can be found here.
2nd follow-up with card game participants data can be found here
Participants have kindly allowed me to publish the interviews, feedback will solely be used for MA research findings and analysis only.

In my next post, I'll share about the limitations, measure of impact and conclusion for this research study. 


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