Thursday, March 19, 2020

Prepping for Viva and Lasalle Show

For Viva set-up, I requested to use another room as I didn't want to take up too much space in our studio. Cassandra offered me 3 rooms, I wanted to choose B108 as it is on ground level so I don't have to carry all my things up but a technical officer from fashion faculty shared that fashion design students may use the laser cutting machine at times so in the end, I decided on the level 3 room, it is also more spacious, Abi has expressed interest in sharing the room as she needs more space and I am good with it.

For viva set-up, I had to look for a bed frame to re-create the experience in the classroom.  I have the mattresses and pillows, just missing a bed frame, at first I was wondering if I should build the frame or purchase from Fortytwo / Ikea.

Bed frames by FortyTwo

Images by: Bedroom Ideas, Karup Design, Timjoakimk, Lightenstein

I decided on a rustic, scandinavian look in the end so I asked around for the wooden pallets, I am looking at getting 8 pallets after measuring. 1 average sized pallet is 1m x 1.2m. I checked with some carousellers looking to give away pallets for free but the colours were not consistent so I decided to enquire from bigger companies.  LeeWung quoted $64 for 8 pieces, 2-Way Recycled Wooden Pallets (w/notch) Size: 1000 MM x 1200 MM and they were able to find 8 similar light brown toned pallets for me. 

For Lasalle show, I came up with a rough layout on how I would like to display for exhibition at Earl Lu Gallery. I wanted to create the multi-sensory experience and was hoping to get partition walls but we were concerned of the cost, so after discussion with Andreas and Javier, we decided on an open-space frame that could support the bed and my displays. We would also set up two corner partitions to showcase the light effects. 

Renderings by Javier
Images by: Norm Architects, Peliwero, Dezeen, Delightfull

I am also considering other options to enhance the experience. Nur suggested me to look into having fabric draped across the top of set-up, which is a possible option after I checked with Andreas and Javier although they mentioned we will have to try it out and they can't say for sure if it will work. I checked with one of my events company friend on the cost of building the wood frame with the fabric drapes in the event if I really require it for the Lasalle show. The wood frame concept is necessary as it needs to be consistent with the overall MA exhibition style. She shared that it is almost $1000. I am still putting this thought on hold and will share with Andreas the next time we meet. 


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