Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Design Brief #2: Blanket Material Sourcing

After creating a mini prototype for the multi sensory blanket and getting the feedback, I've decided to change it to a multi-purpose blanket with pocket instead. The blanket also acts a base for me to test my analog or digital components.

I'm doing a life-size blanket for the test and the sensorial attachments I'll be testing are:
1. Lavender sachet for aromatherapy
2. Weighted packets
3. Temperature
4. Fidget play
5. Feet warmer

I browsed through my material collection at home and these are what I found interesting for fidget play, however some of them are quite hard and not suitable for blanket use.

Some ideas of fidget play I found on Pinterest:
I'll be using the leftover felt from my previous DIY felt tutorial
For the rest of materials, I went to Spotlight, Ryseltoys, Chinatown and Taobao to source.
Tencel cotton from chinatown, 10 metres 60 inch wide for base blanket, 3 metres for attachments, total $78. Went to Spotlight to look for soft yarns and textural fabrics.
I visited Ryseltoys, a place that also creates fidget play and weighted blankets for autistic kids and alzheimer's patients. Linda was very kind to recommend suitable materials to create my fidget attachment, she also let me buy the peridot gem stones that she used in her weighted blanket which is not for sale. She shared with a weighted blanket should be 10% of a person's weight + 1 pound.
I saw the grey embossed fabric at Spotlight and I bought the black one to test too.

Next, I'll be drafting the blanket patterns and start working on it. These are the measurements for the new design:


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