Saturday, January 19, 2019

Creative Pursuits: Bespoke Mens Jacket

Last year I signed up for Mr Thomas Wong's Design and Construction of Men's Jacket 6-month course to learn more about canvassed jackets and tailoring methods.

We're halfway through the course and are almost done with our first jackets, there are so much hand stitching to do and its a lot of hard work but Mr Wong is incredibly patient with us and we're all very excited to see how the jackets turn out. I was just teaching my year 2 students how to construct the fused jacket method for their menswear collections last semester. Here are some of my students works,

Outfits by Agata Maureen, Anabel Phoebe 
 Outfits by Cindy, Victoria
 Outfits by Yvonne, Charis and Charles.


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